• The events will be held at 5 sessions, in final heats, open category. Swimmers will be placed in heats according to their personal best times. The results will be announced by category.
  • Every Club participates with unlimited number of swimmers per event and with only one team in relays. Swimmers can participate in maximum 2 individual events and 1 relay race per session. Swimmers cannot exceed 6 individual races.
  • The synthesis of the team events will be consisted only by swimmers from the same club.
  • Heats will be based on swimmers’ best records and if the athlete has no official time he/she will be placed according to registration or starting from the smallest one. Faster time will swim at the first heat.
  • Foreign swimmers are permitted to participate only if they are registered members of their Swimming Federation. Their entry can be filled out by the individually or by the club they are in.